All the Ways, in 8 Days, to Treat YoShelf on Hanukkah

 Hi Shelfie Friends! Happy Hanukkah & Holidays! How is the season treating you?  Is your level of enthusiasm most like Elf when he sees Santa at the mall? Or do you identify more with Clark Griswold when he receives his Jelly of the Month club membership?  No matter your mood, it's never too late to treat yourself or yourShelf.  With a list of my favorite things going live during Hanukkah, I'm providing you with ways to waste time alone on the internet discovering new Instagram feeds, source gift ideas for you and your loved ones and even learn all about Shelfie's Guilty Pleasures.

Read on! 

DAYS 1 & 2: Discover New Instagram Feeds

DAYS 3 & 4: Get YourShelf a Life...Plant life! 

DAYS 5 & 6: Treat YoShelf to "Gelty" Pleasures

DAYS 7 & 8: Treat YoShelf to Shelfie's Favorite Home Decor Products!

Sara Losonci