Move YourShelf Monday

Hi Shelfie Friends!

Shelfie NYC portraits_hi-res_143.jpg


KICKING off my birthday week with a fantastic and motivating Move YourShelf Monday playlist! That's right, this Friday is my Birthday! Whoop!  And the week was off to a great start before it even began! 

Saturday night, I headed out to Tarrytown for a Haunted House in Sleepy Hollow with some friends!  The set was pretty awesome but being with a group of eight people makes it kinda hard to be scared.  Instead, we just laughed a lot. On Sunday I went to Storm King to enjoy the fresh outdoors, escape the city and see some stunning Fall foliage and rolling hills.  I highly recommend this NYC Daycation.  And now, I'm ready to roll so let's KICK OFF THIS MONDAY WITH SOME UPBEAT TUNES AND POUND THAT PAVEMENT! 


As always, below is a link to the Rally playlist on Spotify.  Get after it and Move YourShelf!

You're welcome & happy Monday!