Move YourShelf Monday

Hi Shelfie Friends!


DANG! It's been months since I've posted but I'm here now!  For anyone new to Move YourShelf Monday - it has zero things to do with home organizing :) Move YourShelf Monday is my weekly post linking to my upbeat playlist consisting of my favorite songs to motivate people to get up and go! 

The tiny dancer in the photo is my little cousin Maya (often featured on Shelfie), at her dance-themed 4th birthday party this past weekend. Girl after my own heart :)  

SO! Who needs some musical coffee?  A little caffeine for your ears this Monday AM? I sure do! Although I haven't posted in months, I've continued adding tunes to my playlist to motivate you on this half sunny day! I recommend listening on shuffle. Link is below! Make sure to follow the playlist on Spotify so you automatically get all the jams I add to the playlist as I add them! Get after it and Move YourShelf!

You're welcome & happy Monday!