Move YourShelf Monday

Hi Shelfie Friends!



How about that photo?  Who loves JibJab as much as I do?  My cousin sent over this amazing video of her family cropped into the Bieber music video and watching my tiny cousins move like this is so hilarious I had to share!  Perfect for a MYSM photo and also Halloween since they are dressed up as dancers. SO. GOOD.  THANKS, AMY! 

Alrighty - wowza...what a weekend!  My birthday and Halloween festivities had me running all over town spending time with friends and family and man-oh-man was it fun.  But now it's time to get back down to business before the rest of the fun and games can continue tomorrow!

The Rally playlist has been updated with more awesome jams to get you motivated and energized to tackle this week!  So as always, below is a link to the Rally playlist on Spotify.  Get after it and Move YourShelf!

You're welcome & happy Monday!