Move YourShelf Monday


Hi Shelfie Friends!


How cute are today's #allmychildren kiddies featured on Move YourShelf Monday? How about the headphones over the helmet look? Luke is a real trendsetter. And Gia, girl after my own heart, she is really feeling the vibe.

Anyway, hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  If you'll take notice to the photo on the left, you'll see I had the ultimate Sunday. I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of the Sea the City Jet Ski tour when you're in NYC.  And yes, since you asked, that is a 6'3" tall Brazilian man holding on tightly behind me, scared for his life :) His name is Jonathas and he is a great friend of mine! He insisted I drive lol.  Arguably, one of the best experiences I've had in the almost 11 years I've been in New York.

Alright folks, as always, below is a link to the Rally playlist on Spotify.  My fave song on the list at the moment is the new Lady Gaga song called A-YO - it's the ultimate upbeat song I've been jamming out to and makes me feel excited and energetic.  Get after it and Move YourShelf!


You're welcome & happy Monday!