Move YourShelf Monday

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Hi Shelfie Friends!

Happy Move YourShelf Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend (two weeks ago)! I didn’t post a playlist last week because quite frankly, I was recuperating from my awesome weekend in Chicago. But now I’m back to get you motivated and moving on this very important Monday and I KNOW this playlist will do the trick!  

In honor of 9/11, today’s playlist is 100% dedicated to the best damn city in all the world, my city, New York City!  I put together my all time favorite tunes about New York. Most of them are upbeat and some of them are Nora Jones ;)

I took this photo earlier in the summer from the Manhattan Bridge.  It's one of the best walks to take in the city for views like this:)

I hope you have an outstanding week and remember that when the shit hits the fan, ya gotta clean yourself off and go hang out in a different room.

Let’s Go!

You’re welcome and happy Monday!