Renegade Roundup

7 Shelfie-Worthy Products from the Renegade Craft Fair

When I was a kid, I found a small old bookshelf in the basement and turned it into a dollhouse. I painted it, furnished it and forced my Qunits (teeny tiny plastic baby dolls from the early 90’s) to live inside that hunk of pink crap. 

The dollhouse was so ugly but I was proud of it and basically wanted to live inside it. I wished Wayne Szalinski would use his electromagnetic shrinking machine to make a teeny tiny person out of me so I could fit inside and chill on the little couch.  The cuteness of the miniature furniture was overwhelming and it was all I could hope for to be immersed inside this shitty dollhouse and sit at the little table made from the white plastic thingy they put inside pizza boxes.  Anyway, at around 13 years old I got sick of it and my step-dad turned it into a shoe shelf in the garage.

The good news is that Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy and all the Interiors blogs are my adult versions of that damn dollhouse.  I want to purchase every product, climb inside every photo of every stunning room and find uses for each little home décor item. It seems the only way to calm my excitement is to roll around inside the Lifestyle section of the Internet.  Enter: The Renegade Craft Fair.

The Renegade Craft Fair brings together the best Modern Makers to celebrate the DIY culture and each year, I’m immersed into a world chock full of stunning ceramics, textiles and hand-crafted clothing and accessories.  Pinterest is brought to life before my very eyes!

With that said, I am pumped to make my blogging comeback with this post about my favorite products from the NYC Renegade Craft Fair

Leaves Wall Organizers

I’m always searching for fresh entryway ideas for clients, and since every home is unique, the Leaves Wall Organizers really hit the nail on the head.  The angles on these bad boys are perfect for fitting into awkward shaped walls in your home, office space or college dorm room.  They come in three different colors and several different components can be purchased.  My favorite is the Key Holder unit that comes with two strong magnets – a large one to hold your keys and a small one for notes or grocery lists.  $15-$125 from Talbot & Yoon

Stoneware Coil Bowl


This is the perfect bowl.  It’s beautifully made, uncommon and caught my eye because of its light wood color.  I love a good fruit bowl for the kitchen and this one adds a natural feel to any coffee table or kitchen counter.  It’s unique and artistic without the steep price tag.  $62 from Virginia Sin


Watercolor Mini Bowls

Obviously, anything pink will draw me in.  Add splatter paint to the mix and I’m sold.  Use the mini bowls (which are actually more like mini dishes) as catchall dishes for your rings, earrings, paperclips, change – whatever your heart desires! The minis are a stylish way to stay organized throughout your home and add a little color to any surface. Bonus – they are food, dishwasher and microwave safe!  $30 from Rabbit and Dragon

"I'd Tap That" Bottle Opener Sign

I can’t do this post without paying homage to my hometown.  Woodward Throwbacks is based in Detroit and uses materials from illegal dumping sites to create products for the home that are full of character. My favorite is this sign doubling as a bottle opener. Like “oh let me have a beer and a laugh simultaneously.”  A humor-filled home is a happy home, I always say.  Plus, multi-use items are the key to less stuff, more space and my heart.  Nailed it.  $30 from Woodward Throwbacks


Leather Chalk Bag


This functional fanny pack/cross body pouch/hip pouch/tiny leather bag is straight sexy.  Yes, I just used “sexy” and “fanny pack” in the same sentence.  It’s perfect for concerts, traveling through an airport, taking the dog for a walk and looking cool.  The husband-wife duo responsible for this hot little number create well-crafted goods in their Airstream trailer while traveling the country.  That’s right. They just travel the country and make sweet stuff in their trailer. The chalk bag is the cool kids bag of bags. $76 from The Local Branch


Mr. Owl Touch Sensor Lamp

One of the more eclectic and creative items I saw at the fair was this lamp.  It’s perfect for a kids playroom or bedroom – though – not gonna lie – I would totally have this in my own apartment.  The lamp is customizable so you can choose other animals, shapes and sizes. A great find!!  $230 from Luke Hobbs Design

Mini Planter


The designs, colors and patterns used on these pots are exactly what I’ve been looking for, especially with the black and white kick I’ve been on lately. I really fell in love with the delicate planters at this table.  With succulents being all the rage right now (a “goody bag” at the fair) – these ceramic pots did it for me. The one pictured here now lives in my home and is absolutely perfect in the way newborn babies are supposed to be perfect (but let’s be honest, they aren’t always). $12 from Sierra YB


Until next time, Remember to Treat Yo Shelf!